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Links, plain and simple.

Info about some places I like...
These are some other websites I like. I really hope they don't get mad at me for linking to them!

The Tatara Fanclub!

Sailor VenusA very cool Sailor Moon website!
Sailor Mercury Dot NetA shrine to Ami! - Music/SongsI highly recommend the music here! It's in RealMedia.
Anime MusicLots of anime songs in Realmedia and MP3s!

Tuxedo Mask Dot ComA really cool place devoted to Sailor Moon.
Relena Hate-ShrineOne of my pages. So far, this one is the biggest! My sister and I work on it together. Relena should stop trying to get between Heero and Duo.
The Kamiya DojoA very cool Rurouni Kenshin place.

Fushigi Yuugi: A Neverending StoryA very good Fushigi Yuugi place. I suggest you go to the multimedia. They have RealMedia and Midi files!
Chichiri no Keibiin's Shrine to Chichiri!A cool shine to Chichiri! I love the music and pictures!
Shirokuro WorldA cool anime place.
Juunangou's TempleA wonderful shrine to the bishonen Android 17 or Jinzoningen Juunanagou!
The Urd Shrine for Netscape 2.0A great Ah! Megamisama! or Oh! My Goddess! site dedicated to Urd. The fanfics are great!
Ranma 1/2A Ranma 1/2 site. The profiles and fanfics are great!