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Misunderstood Souls Or Rotten Brats?

Some anime characters are misunderstood. Others deserve the hate they get.
Every month, I will give you my opinion on an anime character. Please, don't get mad at me if you disagree.

July, our boy is Raven from Zoids. (Original)

Good and bad points...
Why is Raven cool?
*He's sexy. Even if he is kinda short, he's undeniably sexy.
*He has a cool marking under his eye.
*His name is Raven.
*He looks good in black.
*He has an organoid.
*His organoid's name is shadow.
*He ended up helping Van
*He has red eyes!

You decide! Are these good or bad points?
*He's an orphan. (Sad, yes. But you have no in-laws.)
*He was evil for a while. (Evil is bad. But he was such a sexy evil.)
*He wanted to kill Van. (Van's cool! However, that makes for yummy yaoi fanfic ideas... >>;)
*He's violent. (That's a matter on personal taste.)

The down side.
*There's definitely a romantic rival. (Riese.)
*He's so grumpy! (Some people like that, actually...)
*He doesn't let people get very close to him.
*He was manipulated... twice.

My decision...
First off, this is all from memory. It's been a while since I've seen the series, and I saw it dubbed on Cartoon Network.
I think Raven's great. Sure, he's a little grumpy and mean, but that's kinda attractive. In him, at least. He's emotionally scarred, so he has an excuse. I love the guy! x3 Huzzah!