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Short Fanfics

They're indisputably good!
This is a place where people can put up short fanfics (Anime only, please!) without being criticized. I can only put up 3 at a time until further notice. If you wish to send one, please, send it in an email (to with the word "fanfic" in the title), and not a text file. Please send in fanfics! Please read the guidelines below. Thank you!

Akane looked out the window.
Ranma should be home soon, she thought, worriedly.
The ground was covered in the white blanket called snow. She had never seen so much of it in her life! It went up past her knees.
I hope he's ok.
Mr. Saotome, her father, and her sisters had gone Christmas shopping. She was all alone.
There was a rustling sound at the door. She picked up a baseball bat and inched towards it.
The door sung open. Not even bothering to see who the person was, she sent her bat flying down at his or her head. There was a loud cracking sound. She looked down at the floor.
"Ranma! I'm so sorry! Are you alright?"
"You are so uncute, Akane."
"You JERK! I try to be sympathetic, and you throw it back in my face!"
"You shouldn't go around hitting people with baseball bats!"
OK, I was a little quick to attack, she thought.
She couldn't think of a good thing to say. The cold was numbing her normally sharp senses. She did the only thing she could image.
Akane grabbed Ranma by the sides of his face and pulled him close, closing her eyes. She kissed him on the lips, rather angrily.
She ended the kiss a minute later.

Poetry is welcome!
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Romance fics are welcome, as long as there is no gratuitous sex!
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Violence in the story is OK, as long as it doesn't
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