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Welcome to this messy, chaotic, sad excuse for an anime page!

First update in more than three years! Somebody emailed me about this page, so I've decided to work on it again!
This page is about BISHOUNEN! (Literally translates to "beautiful male youth.")

This is gonna be under a lot of construction, I warn you. (It depends on my laziness.)

I'm gonna try and go for non-mainstream bishounen. Spread the love to unknown series!


I'm growing up so fast!

I finally have original ideas!
*Home Page: You are here. Nothing really special...
*Fanfics: Please send in your fanfiction! I'm begging you!
*MSORB: It stands for Misunderstood Souls Or Rotten Brats?
*Birthdays and junk like that: I update as much as I can. It will pretty much be restricted to Sailor Moon and Fushigi Yuugi.
*Links: Pretty self explanitory, ne? Please visit those great sites. Thanks!

Disclaimer Number Two

If I borrowed an image or linked to you without asking, I'm SOOOOOO SORRY! If you want credit or anything, please email me! Thank you so much for not suing! I love you!
Also, I'm going to try to do all my own scanning and such, to avoid that.

Welcome me back, please!

Now, I might just have the motivation to add new sections, if somebody were to send me places where I can order Kamikaze and Fruits Basket! ^.~
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Himura Kenshin welcomes you!
This is a new, small, barely developed site started by a young girl who just wants to tell people about how much she likes anime. That young girl is me!
Disclaimer: I don't own ANY anime or manga, they belong to Japanese geniuses and big companies. Please don't sue me!

Niwa Daisuke

Isn't he adorable? ^_^

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